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What is Evelito?

EVELITO - is a worldwide project, providing an opportunity to anyone who wishes to help other people. You get the opportunity to publish ads on the material, moral, and even professional help. You can also create a team and make good deeds as a group. Your little good may change lives for the better, reviving moral values in all of us! Read more
One person cannot change the world for the better. But one person can create a tool that many others will use to change the world.
Evelito founder, MBen.
Material help

Material help

You want to help people, but don’t know how to do it? Maybe you have an old phone somewhere in the cupboard you have forgotten about? You can present it to someone who cannot afford to buy it. His gratitude will help him love the world better and arouse in him a desire to help other people.Or maybe you have clothes you don’t wear anymore. Give it to people who need it. There is nothing embarrassing in it. It is noble and very rewarding. Anyone willing to give something gratis to someone, will find the one who needs it. By giving you become better and stronger. We will speed up the evolution process together.
Moral support

Moral support

Many people regularly feel the impact of high level of stress. Unplanned things happen in our life, which can sometimes “break” us. Many of us have had the desire to help others. Sometimes we can support a person just by sparing them a little time, speaking to them, giving them an advice and hope. Perhaps, some people need to feel support from a kind stranger, not only from their friends and relatives. This unexpected support might be more effective for them. Support others, and one day you will feel supported, too. I am happy I can write this from my own experience.
Professional help

Professional help

There are many people who cannot do “all the things in the world”. Some people cannot even afford to restore the broken tile in the bathroom. There are many elderly people who because of health problems cannot gather the crops in the garden(sometimes even very little crop). We can help people in many different ways, doing very simple things, which are not difficult for us, while for other people it can be of significant help. I am convinced that the weekend spent helping out someone can be highly rewarding for you and very helpful for others.
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